Novel Approaches to Outpatient Care in Cystic Fibrosis - Shared screen with speaker view
Rebekah Kim
Welcome to Novel Approaches to Outpatient Care in Cystic Fibrosis! We will give everyone a few minutes to join and will begin shortly.
Rebekah Kim
Please make sure to type your questions here into the Chat.
Emily Stephan
Jeff - how are you handling VFC patients? Are all providers in your area required to report vaccines they have given to the statewide database? Do you send updates to PCP?
Rebekah Kim
Apologies for the confusion! Please type your questions here into the Chat.
Jill Edwards
How do you cover costs--since many patients are directed specifically to their PCP/primary insurace for all immunizations or vaccines?
Magdalena Joseph
Will the CDC add in the covid vaccine to it's schedule recommendations for immunizations?
Alexandra Love
Does the SLP bill for their time in clinic? If so, have you had any objections from families seeing her due to additional charges?
Lauren Willis
Are you using telemed for any follow up outside of the clinic visit?
Lauren Willis
Question about Endo/CF clinic - are your patients followed in this joint clinic all 4 visits/year or every 6 months? Also, is their a single CF provider that staffs the joint clinic? I have 8 providers and all follow CF patients so it would hard to coordinate each provider to rotate through a monthly joint clinic. It seems we might to have assign a single provider, but then they would see CF patients new to them.
Lauren Willis
Joint clinic question: How long are the clinic time slots for the joint CF/Endo clinic? How many patients do you see on a 1/2 day?
Lauren Willis
Do you do the annual labs/tests in joint Endo/CF clinics? How about the 2 hour OGTT tests.
Lauren Willis
Did you say we would have panelist contacts for additional support or as a resource for future questions if we begin to implement similar initiatives in our programs?
Rebekah Kim
Lauren - Yes, we will send panelist email addresses alongside the link to the recording. You should get that before the end of the week.
Lauren Willis
Good information! Thank you all so much.
Sabrina Sherwood
Amazing! Thank you!
Rebekah Kim
Thank you for joining us for this webinar!
Dunphy Nora
Thank you for your invitation to attend from NZ
Angela Dziok
thank you!